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Vineyard Kofkeche

José Luis Monge Valdés

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By 2014, in the quest towards new agricultural challenges in the province of Malleco, southern Chile, José Luis Monge Sánchez in collaboration with his son José Luis Monge Valdés decided to establish two hectares (~5 acres) of Chardonnay in the small valley of Pajal, a small tributary of the Rehue river, in the location of Traiguén. The combination of geographic and climatic attributes of the area drew them to the idea of growing a grape varietal suited to cool climates, with the goal of producing a peculiar wine, different from those made farther north, in Chile’s Central Valley. The poetry of this wine portraits the people and history of this land and the priceless, multicultural traditions that inspired it. José Luis Monge Sánchez envisioned trying in Southern Chile similar varietals to those succeeding in certain winegrape-producing valleys in the US northwest, especially Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Aftersharing his vision with his son, they decided, together with winemaker François Massoc, to embark on this innovative project for La Araucanía.

Wines Kofkeche takes its name from the ancient native Kofkeche people who once inhabited these lands. The wine, in this way, honors the locals and its geography, as well as the pioneering Swiss and French winemakers who settled here in the late 19th century.

In this wine they seek to fully capture the characteristics of local soil and climate that bestow it of such typicity highlighting freshness, minerality, and natural acidity. The vineyard is sustainably managed, relying on the concept that practices that increase the soil natural richness and the interaction between vine and natural adjacent ecosystems are key on accomplishing the character and quality of the wine. It is for this reason that an essential part of this project consists on the restoration of surrounding wilderness, such as native plants and wetlands, with the goal of recovering ancient natural landscapes and its autochthon biodiversity. On the same line, they contribute to the community’s welfare by working exclusively with local people.


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